Wrap and Roll

Wrap and roll
(a loose, free-flow of consciousness on a rhyme schemed up on the fly)

well you start with the seeds, and water when she needs
to break out the shell, and grow out the smell
treat the girl nice, and keep out the lice
feed her with the light and she'll end up nice
don't think twice, break the ice, see you later
weed is me only vice and you my old inhaler

now put it in a blunt and light at the front
roll it up, reel it out, pull off the stunt
smoke that weed till your neurons bleed
plant it don't smoke it if you come cross d' seed

i once smoked hash and ran a hundred yard dash
i fell into the bushes and the bishes they was kushes
some say that the urb can turn your head into the mushes
but for me it brings rushes, and helps up the pushes
colour lushus, food delicious,
no paranoia even Bond ain't suspicious

Smoking that Ganja while playin' the banja'
step up to the stage and this reefer i'll hand ya'
swim in the green see, if you see what i mean seen!
hip to the lean, infinite flux of being
these songs about bongs are for lungs and im' peein'

Some folk like to diss those who use cannabis
and for all of dem suckers i'd like to say this
give us a kiss, listen to this hiss (inhale)
you must be taking the piss, puttin' it on my pot
cheap shot, flop jock, can't critic my crop
smoking fresh trees with the buds to my knees
with more THCs that Eddie Edwards got skiis

--Steve Fly

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