JO is for Jazz Octave

Acrillic Figa

Blue thunder thumbs half notes,

Weeping willows look all

Wes Montgomery.

Art Blakeys drums of experience,

Stix glossinging to

Animal skinheads.

Like a Taoist typesetter

Thelonious fingers -

Do the talking.

Hornet Coletrane Ellington

Fitzgerald Pharaoh

New jazzera.

Annalivia Elvin Jones

AfroJazz machine setter

Smiling physicist.

Unified field theory or just sheets

Of sound?

John Coltrane = physicist.

Alice Coltrane - timetraveling

Mother Harpist,

Mythological scholar goddess.

Kept Reel McCoy -

Ravi Pharoah Moffet

Harland - theology goods.

Inside the wheels of funk -

Sissy strutin spun

Clockwork -

Meters reformation.

ESP direct sustained Magus

Miles ahead

Above, and beyonder.

Potting string theory quilted with

Jolly Grant Green

Fields og gold.

Charlie Bird, Donald Byrd

Playing babyskyblue spells,

Birds flew far and


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Acrillic said...

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